Modular Central Plants

Designing and manufacturing integrated solutions for fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery for over 20 years, Envirosep strives to deliver to you:

▪ The most cost effective and energy efficient modular utility plants
▪ Highly efficient custom-engineered designs to meet specific heating and cooling system requirements
▪ Factory hydrostatic and operation testing prior to shipment

Larger buildings and campuses have complex central heating, cooling, and power generation systems. Utility Plants can meet a range of needs including chilled water, hot water, steam, electricity and other utilities to deliver a comfortable and sustainable building environment for the facility owners. Utility Plant solutions are UL-Listed, pre-manufactured, modular buildings, with utility equipment, that are manufactured in an environmentally controlled factory. Custom engineering by Envirosep enables the owner to specify key components from a range of manufacturers that meet performance needs.

Modular utility plants provide contractors and developers with a solution for decreasing overall project construction time by allowing for off-site construction of the Utility Plant simultaneous to site construction. Single source responsibility by Envirosep ensures that the complex coordination of multiple trades is negated.

We create solutions that offer cost savings and energy efficiency.

Some suppliers offer a packaged system, and some system integrators offer custom solutions, but Envirosep's flexibility and problem-solving skills give you the best solution for any project challenges. Envirosep is uniquely able to offer highly competitive pre-engineered systems, as well as a consultative approach to difficult applications. Our knowledgeable engineering staff is available to assist facility owners or engineers in conceptual design development and planning.

Advantages of Utility Plants:
▪ Combines design and construction, increasing value and quality
▪ Integration of controls, optimization as one
▪ Reduces engineering complexity, tasks and costs compared to field-built mechanical rooms
▪ Enables compressed construction schedules, simplifies site coordination and installation
▪ Our Utility Plants free expensive interior space and reduces equipment noise
▪ Timely and predictable installation & start-up allows you to get the equipment when you need it
▪ Tax benefits to amortize a SINGLE piece of equipment not possible in field-built

packaged pumping systems
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We offer integrated solutions for your fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery needs.