Heat Transfer Systems - Plate & Frame

The envirosep HTU-PF, heat transfer system is a manufactured unit featuring an ASME plate and frame heat exchanger. The Model HTU-PF is a complete unit including a steam control Valve and any necessary condensate handling equipment. Each unit is engineered and designed to meet specific system requirements. All systems are fabricated and welded per ASME Section IX Code and Standards, and are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment


  • ASME, plate and frame heat exchanger
  • Self-contained, pilot-operated or pneumatic modulating steam control valves
  • Unit recirculation pump
  • Float & thermostatic steam trap assembly
  • Expandable/serviceable plate section


  • Closed-loop steam powered pump
  • Non-ferrous wetted materials
  • High temperature safety cut-out
  • 1/3:2/3 control valve arrangement
  • Waterside thermometers
  • Inlet steam condensate removal
  • Complete system recirculation pumps
  • Expansion tanks
  • Steam / waterside pressure relief valves
  • UL-Listed control panel with microprocessor and digital temperature controller
  • Specific performance criteria can be designed upon request
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industrial control panels

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