A full range of equipment from manufacturing of aerospace equipment to airport facility HVAC, fuel transfer and plumbing

The global aerospace and defense manufacturing industry is involved in the manufacture of defense goods, information systems, watercraft, spacecraft, and weaponry. Tightened military budgets and economically sensitive commercial aviation pressures place increased awareness on facility operating costs.

At Envirosep, we deal with the design and manufacturing of physical facilities equipment; including modular chilled water plants, heat transfer systems, fluid distribution and handling systems, and process units. EnviroSep equipment is used by many of the leading defense contractors. Our facilities systems are designed and manufactured with operating costs control as one of our main goals. Envirosep's data center cooling systems are a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution which results in optimizing facility PUE. Our integrated pumping systems and process systems provide an attractive alternative to onboard construction, as we perform operational testing and validation prior to shipment, saving you time and money in the implementation of your project.

By integrating our mechanical, chemical, structural, and electrical engineering capabilities and resources into our systems, we ease the management burden on our customers when quality, costs, and reliability are critical. We may provide system operational support for our active equipment and we have EOD clearance for secure environments.

As an ASME stamped manufacturer, systems UL-Listing, and other accreditations, you may feel confident in our quality of construction.

Envirosep offers the right solutions to fit your fluid handling and heat transfer needs.

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We offer integrated solutions for your fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery needs.