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Schools and campuses are challenged to create a desirable learning environment and living conditions with limited financial resources. On average, colleges spend an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity and $0.20 per square foot on natural gas. Public elementary and secondary schools spend approximately 30% of their operations budget on energy.

Envirosep designs and manufactures reliable heating and cooling solutions for any education or university facility. Our chilled water central plants are engineered with energy efficiency as the primary focus, with integrated automation and controls to optimize performance. Modular hot water boiler plants with variable speed pumping modulate to meet actual system demand. Domestic Hot Water heating systems may be configured for steam or hot water source heat. In large campus energy systems, our pre-packaged Energy Transfer Stations offer a distinct advantage to conventional field construction by minimizing implementation timelines and reducing field management costs. Our factory-programmed automation controls may be interfaced with virtually any energy management system.

Envirosep's flexibility permits us to provide you with either a solution to meet your 'first cost' requirements or, obtain unmatched Total Life Cycle Cost. Our engineering staff analyzes each application for specific site criteria to ensure that you receive equipment that is tailored to meet your budget needs.

Envirosep offers the right solutions to fit your fluid handling and heat transfer needs.

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We offer integrated solutions for your fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery needs.