Custom process equipment is our standard way of doing business

Envirosep has an innate understanding of the industry's demands for reliability and the necessity for well validated equipment. Process consistency is a vital factor in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or biologics due to the regulatory nature of the industry; therefore the supporting equipment and systems must be dependable .

Envirosep has a history of providing quality engineered systems to the leading global biotech and pharmaceutical firms. Typically our reheat heat transfer packages, modular chiller plants, tempered water systems, booster pumping system, or steam boiler plants are used for grey area, facilities support applications. However, EnviroSep maintains an ISO Class 6, Class 1,000 Cleanroom environment for more sensitive manufacturing requirements.

Upon completion of manufacturing, Envirosep may conduct a full system operational test for pre-site validation. The client and/or 3rd party validation agent may witness all aspects of the testing process. For systems with very large heating or cooling requirements, EnviroSep can provide supplemental equipment for conducting fully loaded run test at the factory.

Envirosep offers the right solutions to fit your fluid handling and heat transfer needs.

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