Semi-Instantaneous Hot Water Heater Systems

Steam to heat semi-instantaneous water heaters, the envirosep SIWH, are specifically designed and manufactured for hot water systems with intermittent loading. The system is designed to heat water, on-demand; and a small storage tank is utilized to buffer sudden surges, resulting in accuracy to +/- 3 deg F. An internal circulation pump is provided to obtain an even temperature profile throughout the tank volume. The Envirosep SIWH may be manufactured to include a system recirculation pump, which is recommended for maintaining hot water loop temperature. Electrical controls may be provided with PLC programmable controllers or simple, relay logic.

The Envirosep negative pressure semi-instantaneous steam-to-water heater, envirosep NSIWH, is a manufactured, ready-to-install system designed to address the requirements of commercial potable water heating systems. Designed for high thermal efficiencies under varying load patterns, this system utilizes a fully modulating variable Pilot-operated temperature control valve capable of handling steam pressures ranging from 5 to 150+ psig. This system operates below 0 psig*, delivering a reduction in energy consumption of 15-20%. Capable of handling a wide range of water flowrates and temperatures, while being custom-tailored to your specific site needs, makes this system an ideal choice for either new or retrofit installations.

* Note: Under most service conditions which are typical to potable water service.


  • ASME, Stainless steel hot water buffer tank,with U-stamp
  • Self-contained, pilot-operated or pneumatic modulating steam control valves
  • High temperature cut-off switch, for independent source steam isolation
  • Secondary high temperature purge system, with blowdown controls
  • Internal circulation pump
  • UL Listed NEMA 12 industrial control panel
  • Float & thermostatic steam trap
  • Outlet temperature indication
  • Safety relief valves
  • Removable tube section
  • Inlet Steam Condensate Removal
  • Pump/Trap with Receiver (envirosep NSIWH)


  • PLC System controller w/ touch screen
  • NEMA 7/9 explosion-proof rating
  • Inlet steam condensate removal
  • System recirculation pumps (including horizontal installations)
  • Steam-powered or electric condensate pumps
  • Multi-staged centrifugal pumps
  • Auto system flow activation
  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
  • Stainless Steel Main Headers
  • Filtration
  • Specific performance criteria (upon request)
packaged pumping systems
industrial control panels

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