Snow Melt Systems

The goal of every snow melt system is to provide a clean and safe concrete walking environment for foot traffic at a facility during ice and snow conditions. Snow Melt Systems distribute tempered water to piping installed throughout in-ground systems in heavy foot traffic areas of facilities such as universities, football stadiumsor hospitals.The typical snow melt system requires a standard hot water sourceand pumping distribution system. Large systems typically generate their own hot water as a fully functional, self-contained system.
Envirosep designs and manufactures astandardsnow melt system, the envirosepSNO system, consisting of recirculating pumps, heat exchangers, air separation/expansion controland integrated temperature controls. Our design, the envirosepSNO, may incorporate hot water heaters or commercial boilers to provide the heat source as well as the conversion and distribution. Envirosep engineers and manufactures each system with complete understanding of the total system and the dynamic effects of downstream equipment. Effective and efficient heat transfer is paramount in managing the rapid onset of inclement weather.


  • In-line, circulator or end suction pumps
  • Small heat exchangers for system isolation
  • Single point power
  • Common supply header
  • Common return header
  • Pre-piped and pressure tested piping
  • 1/4” diamond plate decking
  • H.S.S. base frame
  • Lifting lugs
  • Snow melt controller


  • Boilers
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Chemical shot feeder
  • Water storage tank
  • ASME air separator, tangential or in-line
  • ASME Expansion tank, with bladder

Main Markets Served

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Stadiums
  • Sports Arenas
packaged pumping systems
industrial control panels

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