LACT Systems

Envirosep’s LACT Units are certified engineered and manufactured skidded systems used for the accurate measurement and transfer of petroleum products from the production site to trucks, pipelines, or storage tanks. Envirosep utilizes the most reliable system components, from leading manufacturers, to provide the most precise and dependable system design. Our LACT Units come in standard 2″, 3″ and 4″ skids or can be customized for your specific needs. Our in-house engineering licenses, ASME authorizations, certified welding inspectors, and UL Listings ensure that you receive the highest level of integrity in a supplier.

Envirosep systems carry as standard an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listing as a packaged pumping system, and come equipped with an integrated, UL-Listed industrial control panel. All systems are fabricated and welded per ASME, Section IX Code and Standards and are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment.


  • Reliable pumping
  • Accurate metering and batch control
  • Air elimination
  • Integrated controls & automation
  • UL-Listing as complete system
  • Validation testing prior to shipment
  • Prover connections
  • In-house AWS Certified Welding Inspector QC1 oversight


  • ASME PP-Stamp and National Board Registration
  • Positive displacement or mass flow meter
  • Seismic design, wind loading, snow loading, and PE stamp
  • 3rd party inspections available
  • Networked communications
  • BS&W probe and monitor
  • BS&W diverter control valve
  • System grounding and truck rack monitoring

Main Markets Served

  • Oil & Gas
packaged pumping systems
industrial control panels

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We offer integrated solutions for your fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery needs.