Steam Trap Stations

The Model STS, Steam Trap Station is a manufactured ready-to-install unit offering a unique alternative to steam system management and condensate recovery. The pre-assembled Steam Trap Stations are individually sized for an end-users specific needs. Standard units feature a float and thermostatic steam trap, isolation valves, Y-strainer, check valve, and sample valve for steam trap visual testing. Each unit is custom engineered and designed to meet specific system requirements. All systems are fabricated and welded per ASME Section IX Code and Standards, except for connections required for maintenance and are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment.


  • All welded construction, per ASME Section IX
  • Forged steel gate valves
  • Forged steel check valve
  • 20 mesh Y-strainer
  • Forged steel sample valve
  • Float and thermostatic steam trap
  • Schedule 40 piping
  • Hydrostatically tested
  • High temperature enamel coating


  • Additional / oversized condensate inlet connection(s)
  • Oversized condensate receiver
  • Tank-mounted pressure gauge
  • Reflex level gauge glass
  • Forged steel or cast steel gate valves
  • Low-profile design for height restricted applications
  • Condensate discharge flowmeter with panel-mounted digital display
  • Fabricated square tubing frame
  • Duplex pump design with automatic secondary pump start on primary pump failure
  • NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure
  • All stainless steel construction
packaged pumping systems
industrial control panels

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