Modular Data Center Cooling

Envirosep specializes in fluid handling and heat transfer applications. Our unique background provides creative liquid cooling solutions to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient Modular Chiller Plants as well as modular solutions utilizing immersion cooling technology. Our chilled water, evaporative cooling, pumped refrigerant, or dielectric heat transfer fluid systems provide reliable and predictable results for IT loads, while optimizing facility PUE. Envirosep engineers and manufactures systems utilized in conventional building cooling using chilled water as the cooling medium. Specializing in high density cooling applications, Envirosep offers complete, engineered and UL-Listed Modular Cooling Plants with integrated controls that are factory tested for operation & functionality prior to shipping. Envirosep designs and builds Modular Chiller Plants to deliver a comfortable and sustainable building environment.
Envirosep also designs modular solutions utilizing Immersion Cooling technology. We take the time to understand your needs to design and manufacture equipment that offers exceptional reliability, significant energy savings while providing cost savings over traditional data centers. We design solutions for Data Miners, Telecom, and Edge of Network as well as solutions for single-tank, multi-tank or enterprise applications.
Envirosep engineers and technicians are experienced in the design, commissioning and operation of any mission critical facility heat transfer, fluid handling and cooling systems. We pride ourselves on our quick response to our customers and will create a solution based on your data center power and cooling needs.


  • Energy-efficient variable speed chillers with integrated pumping system (chilled water & condenser water), hydronic accessories, evaporative cooled, chiller plant optimization controller, with touchscreen interface and environmentally-controlled building enclosure with single-point power connection
  • Scalable, energy-efficient and reliable systems that reduce your cost
  • Modular, containerized solutions for immersion cooling applications
  • Heat transfer and cooling systems for immersion cooling racks
  • Pump, dry cooler, heat exchanger systems for engineered dielectric fluids
  • Pumping systems & cooling equipment


  • Vertical modular multi-story applications
  • Magnetic bearing compressor chillers
  • Internet connectivity for Remote System Monitoring
  • Cooling tower filtration systems
  • Free cooling technology
  • Chemical treatment and control system
  • Skidded system with or without building enclosure
  • Specific performance criteria (upon request)

Main Markets Served

  • Data Centers
  • Data Miners
  • Telecom
  • Edge of Network
packaged pumping systems
industrial control panels

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We offer integrated solutions for your fluid handling, heat transfer and energy recovery needs.